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Innovate your photography business with GoPhoto and get the most out of every photo you shoot.

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Traditional system

  • Manually edit backgrounds and logos into photos

  • Digital photos are manually added onto a USB flash drive and handed to visitors

  • Order stations are staffed to handle visitor transactions and print their photos

  • Specialized knowledge is needed to operate cameras and solve issues

  • Partnerships based on shared revenue

  • Limited insight into (visitor) data

  • Standard photo website

GoPhoto system

  • Fully automated editing that creates stunning branded photos in seconds

  • Digital photos are automatically sent to the GoPhoto cloud and are instantly available for sharing

  • Self-order stations with integrated payment solutions that print photos automatically

  • Reliable camera systems that don’t require any prior knowledge to use (just a smile!)

  • Fixed price per photo printed

  • AI technology that gathers rich data

  • Fully customizable website

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Innovate your photography business with the GoPhoto software and get the most out of every photo you shoot.


reduced staff handling

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reduced staff handling

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